Yale University Discovers Firsthand the Awful Results of Gender Cohabitation

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When Yale University introduced gender neutral housing for seniors, it was an experiment to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, and also a test to see whether male/female cohabitation might work for the general student population. And after a trial period allowing upperclassmen to live with whomever they please, the mind bendingly awful results are in: almost no one is against gender integrated housing, and more than 2/3 of students say they're interested in partaking in yearlong boy/girl sleepovers. The horror!


Yale News reports that a 13-page Yale College Council report elucidating the benefits of gender neutral housing will be presented to the administration, and although leading Cootie Scientists have long claimed that boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, the report suggests this fact isn't a hindrance to male/female cohabitation. Among the benefits of gender integration, according to the report: ease of social interaction between the sexes and increased incentive for students who otherwise would have sought off-campus housing to stay on campus.

The report aims to coax administration officials to open up gender neutral housing for juniors starting in the fall.

A similar proposal by the College Council was rejected earlier this year by the ominously named Yale Corporation, but proponents of mixed gender housing for juniors are optimistic that they'll have better luck this time around. They found that 92.7% of 900 or so sophomores and juniors who responded to a survey supported or were indifferent to boy/girl suites. More compellingly, this report shows that students may forego off-campus housing if a suitable on-campus situation is available. Universities love students that stay on campus because they get to charge them like $129821273 per year for the equivalent of a crappy apartment, and students love staying on campus because it means they can wake up at 10:20 for a 10:40 class. On campus housing: off campus housing as Manhattan: Queens.

The Yale Corporation may be reticent to approve the proposal; mixed sex housing has only existed on campus since the fall of 2010. Some have expressed concern that the mixed gender housing option for juniors and seniors might lead to sexual harassment and assault, but Melanie Boyd, assistant dean of student affairs, says that the concern is unfounded. Students would be allowed to select their own suitemates, and besides, according to Boyd, on campus sexual predators wouldn't target their own suitemates; it's too risky.

No matter what the Corporation decides when it meets in February, the world awaits their decision with bated breath. Finally, the world will have another University that is exactly like the crazy setting for bygone MTV comedy soap Undressed.

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I went to a Jesuit univeristy where co-ed housing is the norm starting Freshman year. On most floors, there is a girls' side and a boys' side, so that residents are closest to the common bathrooms for their gender, but it still encourages lots of male/female interaction, friendships, etc. (heh, heh). Only a couple of single-sex floors exist (and I think they're all all-female).

Personally, I think it's healthy. It keeps the female drama down somewhat, and keeps the boys from being quite as disgusting. Yes, those are stereotypes, but as a 3-year dorm resident and 1-year RA, my life experience backs it up.