Yale Renders Aliza Shvarts' Art Installation Impotent

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As much as some of us want the little performance artist who could bleed from her vagina, Aliza Shvarts, to just go away, we feel obliged to offer you an update on the controversy. The senior art exhibition went up yesterday, without Aliza's piece (which she claims may use blood from self-induced miscarriages), and without much fanfare. Only people with Yale IDs were allowed to see the show. According to the Yale Daily News, "In interviews with the gallery-goers, nearly all said they were aware of the controversy surrounding Shvarts's project, but had come for other reasons."


The YDN also asked a bunch of doctors whether Aliza's little stunt was medically possible. Dr. Edward Funai, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and chief of obstetrics at Yale-New Haven Hospital totally pwns Shvarts. "The most likely scenario," he told the YDN, "is that all Shvarts was seeing every month was her own menstrual blood. Half of the Yale community sees art of similar quality when taking care of their monthly hygiene." (Oh, snap!)


Yale brass are standing firm on their decision to keep Shvarts's work out of the exhibition. They told her last week that in order to have her work show, she would have to confirm that "her project was 'a work of fiction,' [admitted] that she did not inseminate herself or induce miscarriages and promis[ed] that no human blood will appear in the project." Shvarts would agree to none of those conditions, and so her work was not shown.

Since there was little to no hubbub at the exhibition, I'm hoping that this will soon disappear into the internet ether and I won't have to see those scuffed, fringed cowboy boots ever, ever again. Unless, on graduation day, she decides to smear her cap and gown with menstrual blood to protest Yale's suppression of her ideas — then I just really hope someone tapes that and sends it to us, with or without the cowboy boots.

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I just want to know WTF her advisors were thinking. I studied modern and contemporary art in college, so I have a healthy respect for performance art. But they had to have known that this went beyond what was acceptable, even if just for the sake of her own health. Of course, if she wanted to do this piece on her own, that would be different. But she was fucking advised on this...professors should understand there are boundaries to what a senior thesis project should undertake, even when academic/artistic freedom and the first amendment are at stake. Even those freedoms have their limits (and I'm not talking about "I know it when I see it" type boundaries here, but "for fuck sake, this is a college course with a grade attached to it" type boundaries).