Y/N: The Weeknd Goes S&M; Madonna Continues to Thirst

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Y: The Weeknd's second Fifty Shades of Grey track, "Where You Belong," finds him echoing into the night about falling in love with sin and power tripping: "I don't have to remind you/ It's my need to confine you." It's as hypnotic and numbing as you'd expect from him. [Miss Info]


N: On "Veni Vidi Vici," Madonna raps and purrs reflective verses about her career of defying critics while name-dropping her biggest singles in the least subtle way ("I justified my love/ I made you say a little prayer"). Makes my head hurt, plus Ja Rule did this better. [Nah Right]

Y: Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" video is set at a funeral, so I already know I'm not watching it more than once, lest I fall into a permanent depressive state, but yes, it's beautiful. [Idolator]

N: Since no one asked, DJ Mustard went ahead and made a club remix of Rihanna and Kanye's "FourFiveSeconds," erasing the acoustic appeal that I liked about the original. [Cosmo]

Y: My to-do list tonight involves aimlessly dancing to this disco collaboration between goddess Kylie Minogue and Giorgio Moroder, "Right There, Right Now." The video features lots of colorful kaleidoscope imagery and makes you want to live in the moment, doesn't it. [Spin]

N: Kelly Clarkson rainbow-colored video for "Heartbeat Song" reminds us that Valentine's Day is near by showing couples in various stages of goofiness and happiness. Great. [YouTube]

Y: Big Sean has somehow made off-beat rapping his trademark and it usually leaves me disoriented. I'm not in love with "Blessings," which also features Drake and Kanye, but I can see myself ironically quoting that hook; plus this is a successful flip of the #Blessed hashtag. [YouTube]

N: I can't quite get into Krill's "Tiger" and its "slippery guitar arpeggios," as COS puts it. [Consequence of Sound]


N: Chris Brown and Tyga Jenner recreated scenes from Bad Boy's iconic "Mo Money, Mo Problems" video for "Ayo," which is a cool tribute, but no because this song is the millionth sequel to "Loyal." [Miss Info]


A Farce to Be Reckoned With

I have such unabashed love for everything Kylie Minogue. It's not my typical sort of music, I tend to hate dance/Pop starlets, but I have always had such a love for her pocket-sized fierceness. That video is perfection.