Y/N: McDonald's Sells Artificial Love Via Ne-Yo

N: This Ne-Yo song has a line about turning strangers into friends (ugh) and it's for a McDonald's campaign. Cool kumbaya-ing, but you're better than this. [Miss Info]


Y: Jhené Aiko loves a pensive mood-ring rhythm, but they aren't usually as sexy as this one, "Living Room Flow." Here, she's singing in a breathless coo about skipping small talk in favor of an effortless hook-up. [Complex]

N: Tyga, this is boring. [Nah Right]

Y: I'm into the image-upon-obscure-image effect of tUnE-yArDs' "Wait for a Minute" because music videos of today should strive to be weird, silly or confounding rather than empty. At the least, force me to stare at the screen. This lyric, "Just twiddling my thumbs and hoping for the words to rhyme," sounds like my approach to blogging. [Pitchfork]

Y: Lion Babe is really pushing the lion imagery with its frontwoman Jillian. I'm way into this "Wonder Woman" video and her cackle-wailing while rocking a huge pink fro and just looking phenomenally tough. [Miss Info]

Y: Thank goodness for J. Cole and his video for "GOMD," which puts him at the center of a slave rebellion and shows why he's an essential voice in rap, music. Although, this is a tad off-message with the song's hook, which is, "Get off my dick." [Complex]

N: The Breaking Bad RV is the most interesting thing about the Plain White T's "Pause" video. Don't love this song and I usually have a thing for dessert videos (blame Boyz II Men's "Water Runs Dry"), but going to pass. [Billboard]

Y: The concept of Tink's "Ratchet Commandments" throws me off because it feels somewhat like parroting what rap dudes say when they criticize women. But I'd rather not think too deeply about it. I dig the boss video featuring her as a preacher in hair beads. [Complex]


Y: The video for "Hey QT" features a model in a glass box wired up to various machines, like she's in a wearable tech exhibit. The song is likely to be inescapable this spring/summer and the fact that there's a lot of mystery around this act makes it weirder, intriguing. [Spin]

N: Teena Marie's daughter Alia Rose debuted her song "Without You" where she's doing that coy indie girl baby voice. Promising but not there. [Complex]


Y: Bay Area singer Kehlani has a ton of swagger on "How That Taste," sounding dreamy but fearless over a stammering beat. [Miss Info]

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