Christmas Eve Social: Jan Terri's New Video Is the Best Worst Thing Ever

It's Christmas Eve and I'm about to get some serious coloring done (because that's how I unwind after a long day of looking at the internet). What are you doing to celebrate? Whatever it is, watch Jan Terri's "Ave Maria" a fantastical reimagining of the holiday (?) classic. Never Change, Jan, never change!

One of the best things about Jan is how passionate she is about her work and how much she wants to give back to the fans. When I met her earlier this year (it was pretty magical), she told me that everything she does is "for the fans" and if this video doesn't prove it I don't know what will. And I'm going to play it over and over because I am alone in a house in Modesto right now (everyone else is at the mall) and trying to drown out the joyous sounds of children singing along to banda across the street.


Have an awesome Christmas Eve! See you bright and early tomorrow! Also: What coloring books do you like? I'm going to need some new ones soon!

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