Am I the only one who'd sort of forgotten about The X-Files before the posters for the film version started showing up everywhere? Well, anyway, it premiered last night at Mann's Chinese Theatre in L.A. and apparently other people, were, like aware of it, because a lot of them showed up: Amanda Peet, an unusually tasteful (but not that tasteful) Bai Ling, and, of course, Mulder and Scully. Plenty of lousy clothes, after the jump.

The Good:

Gillian Anderson, tres maternity chic.

Digging Jamie Chung's simple belted number.


You know I'm in awe whenever someone pulls off lemon. Well played, Lindsay Sloane.

Madelein Martin's frock is a strange choice for July, but I still like it.

The Bad:


I'm kinda disappointed in Amanda Peet.

Bai Ling, on the other hand, I was almost impressed with...


...until I saw the back.

Pea-soup green is rarely a good idea. I think Madeline Zima's dress would be a don't in any color.


I don't know, maybe Pamela Adlon's suit is more the thing in L.A.


You're always hearing about how easy and flattering wrap dresses are. Tia Carrere's? Not so much.

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