Hey, so, remember when earlier in the week we went to the U.S. X-Files: I Want to Believe premiere and it was super-depressing and kinda lame? Yeah, well, now you get to relive that experience, only this time, in London. I mean, I'll see the movie, for old times' sake, if only to find out exactly how many close encounters with every form of the paranormal Scully needs to have before she ceases to be so skeptical. And in any event, Mulder and Scully (left) looked pretty good last night. But the various Brit B-listers who showed? Not so much. Anyhoo, the Good, the Bad, and the Daughters of Rich Guys... after the jump.

The Good:

It's funny: Gillian Anderson's one of those actresses who frequently looked awful on the red carpet. And then she gets pregnant and boom! Suddenly she's amazing 100% of the time.

Actress Mary-Elizabeth Winstead looks dead elegant in LBD. Points for the shoes, too.


I'll admit to a period where The Tudors was my guilty pleasure, and as such, I am glad to see Natalie "Ann Boleyn" Dormer looking good.


Natt Weller and date may be the most awesome/ridiculous/back to awesome couple, ever. He's also like 19.
The Bad:

These two elegant lovelies are Sam and Amanda Merchant. They are "sexy twins" and were on Big Brother. Yes.


It's not that Imogen Lloyd-Webber's outfit's awful, just dullsville. Yes, she's his daughter. Also, a writer.


Petra Ecclestone is apparently "the younger daughter of the head of Formula 1."

This is her sister, Tamara. Apparently impeccable taste runs in the family.

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