Judge Judy was interviewed for an article that ran in the Guardian today, and it only reinforces the fact that she's one of the most awesome women in the world. Writer Fay Weldon says that JJ "seems motivated less by ambition than by a genuine social conscience." When asked about the upcoming election, JJ says that she's a friend of John McCain, but she likes Obama because he "represents youth and hope and the capacity to trust." Weldon goes on to say that it's "a pity McCain didn't choose her, rather than Palin, for his running mate. Her idea of solving juvenile delinquency by having every woman implanted at birth with a contraceptive chip, to be taken out only on request, might cause some controversy. But one can see her point. At least every child born would be a wanted child, and not โ€” as she sees it as being in the US โ€” the result of an accident and a bottle of vodka." [Guardian]