Wunderkind Denise From P.S. 22 Gets Her Very Own Target Commercial

Can I confess something to you? I got legitimately depressed last September when I realized that Denise, my favorite member of P.S. 22, had graduated to 6th grade and would no longer be killing it with the choir. Another confession: I maybe started crying when she showed up in this Target commercial singing Adele's Rolling In The Deep. Long live Denise!


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She was a retail whore

The first time I saw the P.S. 22 choir channel on Youtube, I started to cry. I was really overwhelmed by the fun and the joy I saw reflected in those children. The talent is also amazing, but its their spirit that gets me every.single.time.

If I need a recreational weep, I watch their rendition of Don't Dream It's Over, and presto! Instant catharsis.