WTF Is 'Air Sex' and Why Was Russell Brand Allegedly Having It?

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According to the never-sensational National Enquirer, Katy Perry recently discovered that her ex, Russell Brand, had been harboring a "KINKY secret". Behind Perry's back, while the two were together, he had been secretly filming himself having sex... with the air.


According to the publication,

Katy Perry thought she'd seen the last of fiery-eyed ex-hubby Russell Brand until she found a box of unlabeled DVD's while cleaning out a closet at her West Hollywood pad, popped one into a machine to check contents — and freaked at the mind-blowing sight of her wacko ex-loverboy energetically engaged in wild-and-crazy AIR SEX!

So, uh, what is AIR SEX (all caps!) and why is this man married having it? Apparently it is a physical act in which a fully clothed man or woman mimes "having sex" with an invisible partner (or...the air); they hump, lick and acrobatically throw their lover around. Or acts like that's what they're doing. Air sex, like all sex, is whatever you make it. It is also where air babies come from.

According to Wikipedia, air sex was "invented in Japan" in 2006 by a group of bored men without girlfriends who were desperate for action. Air sex started as a YouTube trend but there are now competitions held across the U.S. Including the Air Sex World Championships, which is sponsored (appropriately) by Fleshlight. According to the rules for the World Championships each contestant must bring their own music (because air sex without music would be awkward) and they get two minutes to perform. These two minutes can, according to the rules, include "all phases of an Air Sex encounter: meeting, seduction, foreplay and intercourse, or you can simply cut to the chase" — the chase being (imaginary?) orgasm.

Honestly, this all sounds pretty entertaining, and the videos (link maybe NSFW) are pretty hilarious. So maybe — maybe — this makes me like Russell Brand a little? And frankly, humping an imaginary partner doesn't seem like anything extraordinary coming from Russell Brand. We kind of expect him to hump air.

But is this, as the Enquirer puts it, "kinky"? Doesn't seem like it, but you can kind of kink up anything if you put your mind to it. So I turned to Fet-Life (NSFW), a kinky social networking service, to see if anyone was legitimately turned on by sex with the air. Fet-Life is the online home to every fetish imaginable, and people declare themselves as "into" something much like you would "like" something on Facebook. I searched for air sex; apparently, five people are "into" the fetish of air humping, while three are "curious about it." (Seriously guys, just try it.) The fetish of "air sniffing," however, was wildly more popular.



All I know is, if the Air Sex Contest is coming to my town, I want an early heads up. That video at the link was hilarious and that guy's partner must have the most longest nipples and flabbety vagina because he was seriously going to town on a mutant freak.