WTF Hour Of Daytime TV: James Franco On General Hospital

On today's episode of General Hospital, the second installment of James Franco's new stint as a dark and mysterious artist, it became obvious that every scene he's in is bizarre, and that he's fucking with all of us.

It feels like he's laughing on the inside the entire time, like, "Dude, I'm on a fucking soap opera. Heh."

Even when he's being creepy, it's hard not to love him.

I wonder if it was in his contract that he gets slapped by a woman at least once. It's the most soap opera-y thing to experience for a man.

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I haven't seen anything other than these clips (I live abroad) but is it written into the storyline that his character is baked all the time, or is that just something he, ahem, "improvised" all on his own?

It looks like they are moving his story along pretty quickly too. (I mean in soap opera terms.) I haven't watched one in years but one of my main memories is of how they'd move along soooo slowly. Like they's have the same characters talking about the same thing, in the same room for daaaaaays. This was one of the reasons I swore of soaps for-evah!