Have you heard that college girls are all drunken sluts who pursue "hookups" instead of real relationships? Yes? Well, set your mind at ease, because now there's a solution โ€” conservative colleges. Tufts alum Ashley Samelson writes in The Wall Street Journal about how shocked she was when her female classmates encouraged one another to binge-drink or be "sexually adventurous." "Contrary to the feminist narrative about men being responsible for the oppression of women," she writes, "nearly every instance of female misery I encountered at Tufts seemed to be instigated initially by another woman." But when she moved her sister into the dorms at Hillsdale College, "a school known for attracting conservative and religious students," she discovered something magical. Girls at Hillsdale have no problems!Says Samelson, "The posters on the walls in my all-female freshman dorm at Tufts offered information about eating disorders, what to do if you think you have been sexually assaulted, and suicide and depression hotlines. The Hillsdale walls that I saw were covered with advertisements for quilting clubs, charity opportunities and a listing of local churches." This can't be because Hillsdale's environment discourages open discussion of assault and mental illness. No, Hillsdale girls just don't get raped, because they are ladies. Just ask the male friend Samelson quotes in her piece, an alumnus of that fleshpot, the University of Michigan:

I, perhaps unconsciously, observe women to try and determine how they want to be treated. When I see girls at a party who seemingly have no self-control, I'll admit that it's really tough to visualize them as 'ladies.' It's as if they, solely through their own actions, have lowered my expectations, lowered my standards of behavior.


See, when girls drink or have sex, they make men treat them badly. The guys can't help it; it's unconscious. Girls need a nice, safe environment of quilting clubs and church services, rather than the constant parade of lingerie parties and other degradation opportunities they apparently find at mainstream colleges. Because conservative societies never pressure women to do things they don't want to do. Of course, some college students โ€” male and female โ€” are influenced to drink more than they want or act in ways they later regret. But not everyone who drinks or has sex is somehow pressured into it, and women who engage in those behaviors don't deserve to lose respect. Frankly, I'd rather hang out with a bunch of drunk Tuftsies than with someone who complains about how badly college girls treat each other while simultaneously painting them in the worst possible light. Lipstick Jungle [WSJ]