Writing at Slate, former Jezebel Moe Tkacik — whose 2003 reporting broke the news to Mattel that their own designers had come up with Bratz and then sold the concept to another company — writes an open letter to Mattel about how to stop sucking. In addition to suggesting a Caribou Barbie with Bratz-y kids, Moe thinks Mattel ought to try making less low-end crap, marketing better and listening to its own consumers. She's always tilting at windmills, that Moe, but with a rhetorical style we all miss. [Wall Street Journal, Slate]


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Flowers For Algernon

She makes a lot of great points. Mattel needs to be the bigger Barbie and realize that they made a huge mistake on not picking up Bratz in the first place. Killing Bratz wont help Mattel innovate so they might as well do what Obama is doing

TEAM OF RIVALS for the win!