You know who looks the best in Titanic? Kathy Bates as the unsinkable Molly Brown, that’s who.

“She was what Mother called ‘new money,’” and by God she knew how to spend it, at least when it came to her fashion choices. Look at this fetching maroon traveling ensemble. Very tailored, very sharp.

Her hats are especially noteworthy.

Style tip: Always remember that a magnificent hat gives extra weight to your disapproving expression when encountering a shitbird like Cal.

She also understands very well the concept of knowing your best colors and sticking with them. Molly rocks rich, dark colors—not just stereotypical black for the larger lady, but also navies and probably an entire closet of beautiful deep reds. The effect is that she looks very sophisticated compared to these rude society women who think they’re too good to take tea with “that vulgar Brown woman.”

Again, that hat. Perfect for punctuating your point when informing a brash young man that he’s headed into the snake pit.

And here you can see what’s going on underneath that navy coat she was wearing—look at that lighter blue detailing. Some flounce-like work to save the look from severity, but not so much as to become fussy. Such a tricky line to walk and she does it with aplomb.

And no boring ivory for her evening ensembles, either. Dashing black with glittery embellishment, a rakish adornment for her hair, and diamonds. Lots of diamonds.

If I’m forced to live through a horrible disaster in the middle of the frigid North Atlantic, you bet your ass I’m wearing a proper updo and a full-length fur coat to the occasion.

My single biggest complaint about Titanic is that James Cameron didn’t devote more of its three hours and fifteen minutes to Molly Brown and her magnificent wardrobe.