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Wow, Time magazine is really plugging the hell out of Charla Krupp's hateful-but-bestselling tome How Not To Look Old — a book that advocates Botox and hair-dye for the post-menopausal set. It's been mentioned twice in the magazine in the past month and there's an entire blog post devoted to the book today. And lo, what do we have here? Krupp's husband, Richard Zoglin, is a Time senior editor. How Not To Look Old is now on the New York Times top-10 list for advice and how-to books. Krupp proves yet again that making women feel bad about themselves is an endlessly lucrative endeavor. [Portfolio, Time]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ "which she loves, of course, but then I have to deal with it for the rest of the day hahaha"

I get that too. Love for my mom (who is teh hawt), hate for me. I usually roll my eyes and say, "Well, guess I'm several years late for my dates at the gym, salon, and spa. Seeya."