Wow, That Was Fast—Savannah Guthrie Taking Over for Ann Curry Tomorrow Morning

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Well Ann Curry's lukewarm butt-heat hasn't even begun to dissipate, but her replacement has already been announced: the Today Show's chipper-but-mellow-and-quite-good-humored-and-I-don't-really-know-much-about-her third-hour news lady Savannah Guthrie. "NBC sources tell us, Savannah will be anchoring with Matt Lauer Friday ... and it's 'likely' they will formally announce the big switch during the show. We're told the reason it's likely is because Matt is on vacation all next week for the holiday — and the network wants to announce his new co-host while he's still around ... to show a united front." More Ann Curry stuff: Kathie Lee and Hoda honored Curry this morning and discussed Curry's new role as Anchor at Large and National and International Correspondent for NBC News: "She's going to have a seven-member team and she's going to travel the globe reporting on stories that she cares a lot about and loves," said Hoda. "And nobody's better at it than she is," Kathie-Lee added. "She's very courageous and she's very dedicated to what she does and she's going to bring us great stories from all over the world." I mean, to be fair, some people are better at it than she is. Specifically all the people who didn't get fired. In a related story: I would rather watch a live feed of a bowl of actual curry cooling on a countertop than read one more story about Ann Curry. [TMZ] [Us]


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On his way to a performance at the Hove Festival in souther Norway, Snoop Dogg was stopped at the Norwegian border when a drug-sniffing reindeer found marijuana in his luggage. He was released after paying a fine (Norwegians are cool like that), but was five hours late to the concert. When a reporter inquired about his border stop, Snoop replied, "I was late 'cause I went to go get some chicken wings…'cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks' home. I went to visit a convalescent home. That's why I was late." Yeah, reporter! What part of "I just wanted to get personal with some traditional Norwegian chicken wings" don't you understand!?!?!? [E!]

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It's a Christmas miracle! Human Bratz doll Heidi Montag has come out against plastic surgery, saying that liposuction is her "biggest regret"! It's so refreshing that Heidi has finally found enough perspective to acknowledge that paying a surgeon to invasively carve a "better" body out of your natural body might not be the healthiest thing in the world. And it might not send the most constructive message to vulnerable young girls. And it might not magically erase your self-esteem problems and make you feel beautiful. I'm so proud of you, Heidi! You've really...oh wait, what now? Come again? Oh, she regrets lipo because it "gave her cellulite" and she "can't" wear shorts now because of her hideous dimply trunks? Jesus Christ, fuck her. [DigitalSpy]

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Dude, is there anything better than when celebrities are accidentally honest? Quincy Jones (who went to my high school, BTW!) talked some shit about P. Diddy's musical acuity, saying, "[he] couldn't recognize a B-flat if it hit him," but adding, "P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing." He later backpedaled all smooth-style: "No controversy, no diss. I have nothing but love and respect for Diddy and all that he has achieved as an artist and an executive. Always have and always will." To celebrate their reconciliation, the pair built a yacht out of money, high-fived on it, and set it on fire, just for the shits of it. The end. [E!]

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner have announced that they'll be releasing a YA fantasy book in 2013 about "two sisters on a journey filled with terror, mystery, drama and love." I'm wondering if they're totally clear on what a "book" is. People work hard on those things, you know. It's not, like, a lanyard. [Us]
  • Here's Channing Tatum doing a Matthew McConaughey impression. [E!]
  • Here's Joanne Froggatt (Anna from Downton Abbey) talking about what it's like to be in a room with Dame Maggie Smith and Shirley MacClaine: "It was like watching these two legends at work. It was one of the most special days I think I've ever had on set. It was magical." Bonus: a bunch of spoilers for lazy people like me who have only watched season one! Score! [DigitalSpy]
  • Here's Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler makin' out like if their tongues were rabbits and the rabbits were fuckin'! [ONTD]
  • Eva Longoria is no longer dating this person I've never heard of and didn't know she was dating. [E!]
  • Remember when Erykah Badu got all mad at the Flaming Lips for releasing that video without her permission and told them to kiss her "glittery ass"? Well, they might just scrap the whole thing and reshoot it with Amanda Palmer. [MTV]
  • Adam Levine wants you to know that he deserves what he has: "I have a high self-opinion—I don't need to hide that. I don't need to be self-deprecating. I do believe that I deserve what I have." [DigitalSpy]
  • In even less interesting Adam Levine news (celebrity gossip: making the impossible possible!), maybe Alexander Skarsgård is dating Levine's ex-girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna. [DigitalSpy]
  • Because you WOULDN'T STOP ASKING, here is a photo retrospective of Mila Kunis's outfits. [Stylelist]
  • Kim Kardashian looks kind of like her mom in some dumb photo, which caused Kendall Jenner to tweet: "omg @KimKardashian i thought this was mommm!!! #twinies,". Yes. Twinies indeed. [Radar]
  • Charlize Theron still doesn't have any hair and she looks disgusting. (Just kidding she looks like a fucking angel from planet I'm-Better-Than-You.) [E!]
  • Jessica Chastain and Woody Harrelson have been named PETA's "Sexiest Vegetarians" of 2012. I'M SURE THIS SPRINGBOK WOULD BEG TO DIFFER. [E!]



Idle curiosity: How would liposuction cause one to develope cellulite?