Wow: Some Lady Is Suing Disney Because Frozen Stole Her Life Story

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The entertainment world has seen some truly outlandish lawsuits, but this may very well take the cake: A woman is suing Disney because she claims Frozen plagiarized her autobiography which is, in part, about growing up in the Andes. Bold claim, lady!


According to TMZ (always), one Isabella Tanikumi is currently attempting to wrest $250 million from The Walt Disney Company, claiming that the hugely popular movie is not actually a straightforward take on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen, but rather a blatant ripoff of the characters and storyline from her own Yearnings of the Heart.

Ok, ok, let's hear her out. The book's description, via Amazon:

This is a compelling, introspective account of the life of Isabella TaniKumi, who takes her readers on a journey through various phases of her remarkable life- from her family's survival during the devastating earthquake of 1970 in Huaraz, Peru, to the trials of overcoming heartbreaks of her youth. Conquering personal insecurities led to exploring the reaches of her intellect while facing the tragic, and untimely death of her beloved sister, Laura.

Despite language barriers and the consequent obstacles of fitting in, Tanikumi wittily narrates her struggles with her assimilation into American life and culture. Forging many enduring friendships most notably with Julie, who rescued her from the depths of grief. Tanikumi also interweaves a dialogue with her long lost love Eduardo. This novel tacitily and expressly addresses Eduardo as a salient recipient of her reflections. Ultimately, Tanikumi is able to share her gratitude and joy as well as her insatiable thirst for life.

Definitely sounds like a story about a young queen who retreats to a mountain ice palace after accidentally putting her hometown in a deep freeze. For sure. Unclear whether TaniKumi is Anna or Else, and also whether there is a talking snowman involved. Please spare a moment of pity for the first-year associates at Disney's law firm, who will lose valuable hours of their lives preparing very seriously worded reasons why this is obviously not a case of copyright infringement.

Free revamped fairy tale idea: Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel band together and sue the Brothers Grimm for blatantly ripping off their life stories, demanding a cut of the profits. It's The First Wives Club, but with more early nineteenth-century German lawyers.

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