Wow! Chris Rock Found By the Sea's Only Fan!

Until roughly 15 minutes ago, I thought the only people who saw a final cut of By the Sea in its entirety were Angelina Jolie, her assistants, and our very own Rich Juzwiak. And of that handful of viewers, I didn’t think anyone actually enjoyed it.


But thanks to a bit Chris Rock just did during tonight’s Oscars, I know Jolie’s masterpiece of nonverbal acting has at least one fan. During a “person on the street” clip, after he asked a black woman what her “Favorite white movie of the year” was, she says, “By the Sea! With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!”

Without missing a beat, Chris Rock responds, “Wow. Not even they would say that.”

I imagine Pitt and Jolie saying something more along the lines of, “By the Sea? What’s that?”

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