Well this is uplifting: a female lawyer was laid off by the big law firm Paul Hastings days after suffering a miscarriage because they didn't want her to get pregnant again. This sort of shit happens all the time in a lot of industries, of course, but in a firm whose specialty is employment law it's kind of outrageous, and the way the associate describes it going down in her angry farewell letter to the staff — called into the office a week after she'd been assured she'd get to stay; fired unceremoniously while a female mentor (with kids of her own) watched her break into tears — seems unduly harsh, so she decided to forgo the three month's severance in exchange for signing a non-disparagement agreement and unleash the thing upon the blogs. "If this response seems particularly emotional, perhaps an associate's emotional vulnerability after a recent miscarriage is a factor you should consider the next time you fire or lay someone off," she writes.

Also, it really isn't that emotional in light of the fact that a male employee of the firm killed himself and his ex-girlfriend, a Paul Hastings secretary, at the firm's Atlanta office.


Still, a lot of people would be way too wimpy to do this, and then we would never get a peg to discuss something I am always hearing so many fascinating stories about: the myriad ways they have of monitoring your reproductive endeavors and dicking you out of your maternity leave and/or your job altogether when you start to procreate. I've seen this happen pretty much everywhere I ever worked that didn't have a union, but usually by that time the targeted women have been so beaten-down and exhausted by trying to do everything at once that they're like, "Meh, fuck this" and they go freelance. Sigh. One more reason to content oneself with the spinster lifestyle I guess.

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