Hey, how’s it going? Would you wear this... this thing?

For the rather reasonable price of $36, you can rock this Honeydew Intimates mullet bra with a sheer, somewhat demure scoop neck on top and and a, “hey look at my boobs!” party on the bottom.

Now, let’s ignore for a minute the fact that those two pieces of lace string wouldn’t be able to support a modest gust of wind and focus on another question: What exactly does this look like as an outfit?

Is it a standalone type of piece? Are you wearing it under a pair of overalls? Are you throwing on your favorite jeans and a great pair of heels with this, a bold alternative to the traditional Going Out Top?


Is one rocking this as a treat for their sure to be confused significant other? Do we think this comes with the Photoshop to keep things in place or do you have to tape your breasts up yourself?

What do we think was the thought process behind this design? How many people with boobs were involved in making this happen?

Can someone please help me track down the three people who actually purchased this contraption and seem somewhat satisfied with that decision?


Please note our poor friend “Greerz” at the bottom, who was momentarily transported to Never The Fuck Ever Land and believed that someone with DDD boobs could expect even a modicum of coverage or support from this monstrosity.

I don’t know, guys. Someone please deliver some answers.