Would You Watch Game of Thrones as a CW Drama?

Game of Thrones is the best — seriously, it's my favorite show on television these days — but it is pretty soapy. Warring families, forbidden relationships, crazy outfits that involve layers and layers of fur — really, none of that stuff would be out of place on a CW Gossip Girl-esque drama. Add a slow indie song, take away some of the ghost stabbings and you've got yourself a real teen hit, HBO!


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nefret emerson

I mean, I could do with a much higher male to female ratio of nudity on GoT. I love the show, have read all the books, am pretty much a full blown ASOIAF nerd, but the gratuitous boobage on the show kind of gets to me. I mean don't get me wrong, I love boobs, but the sexposition gets a bit much sometimes. It's like, "Okay, we know this is dense but here are some BOOBS to keep you watching" five minutes later: "Oh this seen is a bit slow BLOWJOB". I just feel like the writers could do better.

Also, amidst the countless boobs, the only penis we have seen on the show is Hodor's. I rest my case.