A story in today's New York Post claims that the "Co-Worker Diet" is all the rage in Manhattan offices. Basically, colleagues try to lose weight... together! Jacqueline Dolly, a 38-year-old senior director of marketing for a non-profit, is doing it with 10 coworkers. "When you're trying to lose weight by yourself, it's hard to stick to a plan," she says. "But when you have support from people you work with, it's much more motivating." Theoretically, it's a great idea — a lot of people eat breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack at the office.That's three meals, three chances to cut back on carbs, ditch sugar or choose veggies over Oreos. The problem? Most of the time, you only want to shove chocolate in your mouth because you're at work. Dealing with your fucking coworkers. Who are probably the ones who made you fat to begin with.


And while it's great if everyone's on the same page, counting calories and sticking to the program, as soon as one woman says to another, "Oh, you should have almonds instead of that Snickers bar," someone is going to get smacked. There are rules for sexual harassment in the workplace — do we need food harassment guidelines as well? (Also, is there a phrase for someone who tries to stop you from having cookies? Like a cock-blocker, but for fatty snacks? Please inform, thanks.)

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