Would You Trust A Guy Who Said, "It's Okay, I'm On The Pill"?

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Men basically have two contraception choices, says Cherie Black of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Condoms or vasectomies. Today and tomorrow, there's a conference in Seattle dedicated to the future of male contraception. Dr. Bill Bremner, chairman of the Department of Medicine and director of the male contraception research center at the University of Washington, and his colleague, Dr. John Amory, conduct clinical trials in men testing whether hormone injections or creams adequately reduce sperm enough to prevent pregnancies.

One study showed a 98 percent success rate in couples using a hormone male contraceptive, Bremner said. Side effects include weight gain and acne.

Well it's about fucking time!

However, there's one small problem: The doctors are having trouble getting pharmaceutical companies on board.

"It's taking normal young men without a disease and testing a drug in them for years — that's an issue," he said. And men aren't the ones at risk of getting pregnant, which carries its own hazards, and which justified testing contraceptives in females.


When you think about the fact that women have had all kinds of things tested on them — the pill, intrauterine devices, injections, birth control patches, female condoms and the sponge — isn't it kind of crazy that it's taken this long for the attention to shift to men? On the other hand, seriously, would you trust your guy to take his pill every day?

Breakthrough In Male Birth Control Remains Elusive [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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It seems like a good idea... and might be right for some guys... but I don't think I'd trust my man with that. His memory is god-awful!