Would You Pay For Dating Advice From Someone Who Calls Himself "Savoy"?

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Our lil' buddy Neel Shah continues on with his pick up artist beat with a piece in Radar about a $3,000 crash course in dating. You're probably familiar with these sorts of things if you caught any part of the VH1 show, The Pick Up Artist, starring a ridiculously eyelinered man named Mystery. Well, Neel observed a class taught by Mystery's disgruntled former business partner, a Wharton MBA holder who calls himself "Savoy", as part of a company called Love Systems. And he found out that the nine dudes willing to cough up $3,000 to learn to hit on women were far from the jerks one might presume them to be.They were mostly just semi-awkward dudes who had trouble navigating the bar scene, and needed a boost of confidence (a very expensive boost, but a boost nonetheless). What was more interesting were the tactics espoused by Savoy and his band of dating boot camp instructors. Apparently, it's all about preparation.

They prep you for everything, including, but not limited to: how to position yourself at a bar to make it look like girls are hitting on you, and not vice versa (stand against the wall); how to meet girls in a club ("Approach a girl and ask, in a loud voice, 'On a scale of one to 10, how much fun are we having?' If she says eight, take her by the hand and twirl her. Then say, 'Now you're at a 10!'"); how to meet girls at the airport ("Fly Southwest-the open seating is great for sitting next to a hot girl"); how to "isolate" a girl and move her around the room to strengthen "trust"; how to plant the seeds of sex in her mind early in conversation; how to make friends with her guy friends so they don't punch you in the face; and even how to snag a threesome ("It's important to elevate intimacy with each girl in sync. Also, alcohol helps").


I mean, isn't a lot of that common sense, repackaged with cute catchphrases? I guess in some ways, this is a more manly, uber-expensive form of a self-help book. I know perusing the self-help aisle is not exactly at Schwarzeneggerian levels of masculinity, but it's still less embarrassing than telling your friends you shelled out 3K to get advice from someone named Savoy. Pay For Play [Radar] Earlier: Intrepid New York Reporter Hits On Moddels, Fails Hilariously 'The Pick Up Artist': Extreme Makeover Edition



Thing is, they can take a million courses but you just can't buy confidence. Or fashion sense. That last one is killer. George Clooney's not gettting laid with an ill-fitting windbreaker with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows.