Would You Pay $80 for This Gargantuan Wine Glass?

Costco is selling the four-foot wine glass of your dreams/hungover nightmares, theoretically as a “decoration.” That part is obviously ridiculous—you don’t buy a four-foot tall wine glass to fill with fake plants, I don’t care how many chenille throws or rustic driftwood signs you’ve got in your suburban home. If you buy a four-foot wine glass, you drink from the four-foot wine glass, even if you need a cadre of shirtless men to help you lift it to your lips.


My issue is more the price. I’ve never bought any form of glassware (I prefer to just lap all beverages out of my cupped hands), so I wouldn’t know if $80 is an exorbitant amount to pay for a wine glass the size of a kindergartner. Kick that up to $99.99 if you get it shipped! Amazon has one that can hold an entire bottle of wine for just $15. And don’t forget that drinking from the bottle is free!

Are you going to buy this wine glass? 

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Alas, I’m sad this was invented too late for Cougar Town to make use of it.