Would You Buy A Women's Magazine With An Unretouched Cover?

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You may have heard of a site called The Point. Here's the gist: You use the site to start campaign (get people to pledge money or do something collectively). You spread the word on the site by sending a link about your cause; members who support your cause "join." It's kind of like adding your name to a petition. The members don't have to give or do anything until the campaign reaches a "tipping point" of support. Once the campaign tips, members take action, confident that they will actually make a difference. Sounds good, right? Consider this: Clare Ondrey has started a campaign for which the objective is to "get a major magazine to publish an issue without airbrushing or Photoshopping the models in any of the features or the cover."She asks members who support her campaign to pledge to buy at least two copies of the magazine, if the objective is met. Writes Ondrey:

Everybody that joins this campaign fights the 'bad body image' hysteria sweeping the nation. Each person signed up commits to buying at least two copies of the first magazine that publishes an issue where at least the feature photo shoot and cover does not have any airbrushing. Why at least two? The issue would double in sales, making this campaign attractive to the publishers. You can give the extra copy to a friend who doesn't know her own beauty. Spread the word that the standards for beauty we are not always what we see in the mainstream media.


Will a major magazine have the ovaries to do such a thing? Probably not. But it can't hurt to ask. It can't hurt to let it be known that the demand is there. That women around the world know they're being lied to and are sick of it. I joined — it only took a minute — and it will be interesting to monitor this campaign's progress. Show Our Beauty: A Challenge to Women's Magazines [The Point] Earlier: Here's Our Winner! 'Redbook' Shatters Our 'Faith' In Well, Not Publishing, But Maybe God


Erin Gloria Ryan

Do they retouch the cover of The Economist?