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Would You Believe A Sorority Brands Pledges In The Groin With A Hot Fork?

Illustration for article titled Would You Believe A Sorority Brands Pledges In The Groin With A Hot Fork?

This young woman, Courtney Holt, tells today's New York Post she was violently attacked by a horde of evil roving Hofstra University sorority sisters after de-pledging their sorority because she didn't want to go through with a hazing procedure "which, she said, includes being branded in the groin area with a hot fork." Um, really? Well anyway, that's what she told the New York Post — and also, "Phi Epsilon isn't a sorority, it's cult" — and so today they went ahead and printed that, because that was all there was, without any sort of document or statement from the cops or anything like that, andnow the sorority is sending around an email saying she's full of shit, that actually Courtney is just sort of someone who would make up shit like that. (Blame her insane crackhead mother!) And...UPDATE: a tipster just weighed in. Apparently the fork thing is a venerable tradition or something! That and some thoughts after the jump.

Dear Alumni,

With the media outburst this morning regarding one of our depledges, we wanted

to inform all of you of what has been going on so you have the full story.

This past spring there was one depledge, Courtney Holt, who depledged after five

days claiming she had family problems and that her mother was on drugs. After

numerous spottings at the bar it became apparent that this girl was not only a

liar but a problem, consistently harassing our sisters. The night the new

girls, the Gamma Thetas, got in there was an altercation with her at the bar.

One of her friends punched our President, Lauren Werkiser in the face causing

our sisters to obviously react and throw her head into the wall. It was at this

point, three weeks after she depledged, when she decided to press hazing charges

against the sorority along with an 8 page report outlining some of the pledge

program including the Sister Dinner, the sitting before FR, and FR itself.

There was a full academic hearing conducted with administration and we were

found NOT GUILTY and the sorority did not suffer any repercussions. This past

Friday at happy hour there was another issue with her at the bar and one of the new girls found her room

vandalized with all of her Phi Ep paraphernalia destroyed and "cunt" written on

her wall. There was a report filed with public safety where Courtney Holt's

mother caused a huge scene and verbally attacked one of the sisters. Her mother

is now banned from Hofstra's campus.

And, here, from another tipster:

Yeah...I went to Hofstra. Phi Ep's got a solid rep for doing shit like that. I'm not only not surprised to hear that story, I've also heard about the fork before. So even if it's just a rumor, it's a pretty well known one. I've heard some other pretty vicious shit that they do to their pledges, but since I can't confirm it first hand, I'll just chalk it up to gossip.


So, the fact the Post believed this woman sort of reminds me of the whole thing with the Duke lacrosse players, and this is a complete bastardization of due process and the Constitution, but, please Greek Organizations of America: remind me once again what purpose you serve? Because obviously the conventional wisdom has come to be: "inflict cruelty upon ourselves and one another under various stages of intoxication." So if you deserve to be held in higher regard than, say, loan shark rings, please remind me why.

Co-Ed: Hell Of A House

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@FourInchHeels: Why didn't you all just take private lessons instead of an actual minor? Then you would have lips and some tendons left.

If it makes the majors feel better, I had a friend quit Juilliard because he said he developed a cocaine addiction attempting to keep up with practice and composition demands.

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