Would You Be Faithful If Your Partner Became Paralyzed?

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When Phil Taylor met his wife, Linda (pictured here), he was a "respected dog handler" and she was a fetching army caterer. Fifteen years after they married, Phil came down with a rare neurological disorder that left him paralyzed. And although Phil tells the Daily Mail that Linda "never left my side and would patiently sit and feed me and even take me to the loo," over a year after he was hospitalized, Linda took up with two different men — one them a friend of Phil's. Although it was shitty of her to sleep with her husband's good friend, we wondered: was it so wrong that Linda wanted her sexual needs fulfilled? We asked Christine Coppa*, Glamour blogger and new mom, who went through the heartbreaking experience of dating someone who suffered an accident and became quadriplegic.


Ms. Coppa had this to say: "People who aren't in the situation can say they'll stay and love is enough, but until you're in the situation (living in a hospital, giving catheters, pouring food down a G-tube, hearing a doctor say you might never be able to have kids) you have no fucking clue what you would do. I don't condone cheating (I sure didn't cheat), but I also don't condone people that think a wheelchair or a disability is some sort of life-long binding agreement. Big deal, she took vows. Last time I checked 50% of marriages end in divorce." Uh, our sentiments exactly! What's more, a survey just came out in which half of married Brits are unhappy, and would consider getting a divorce if financial stability were not a problem. Reading that Daily Mail article again, it seems that maybe Linda's only real crime was wearing that awful blue eyeshadow on her wedding day.

*Full disclosure: Christine and I worked together for a brief, shining moment at the doomed Cocktail Magazine.

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I believe Dan Savage weighed in on this once, or something similar. Love him.

I think a couple in that sitch needs to have an honest, heart-to-heart discussion. People have 'arrangements' all the time, for reasons a lot less serious than one partner being paralyzed. It was shitty of her to cheat with one of his friends, no doubt. And it sounds like they never had a truly candid discussion, which sucks. But is she on par with someone who cheats out of boredom, or vanity, or plain cruelty? I don't think so.