Would You Ask A Man To Marry You?

In the UK, today (Leap Day) is the day that women are "allowed" to propose marriage to men. "I expect that more women than ever will be proposing in 2008," Dr. Sheri Jacobson, a relationship counselor, tells the Times of London. "I think that attitudes are shifting and there's more room for women to assert themselves." Why is it, after all these years, still the man's job to propose? Writes Joanna Moorhead in the Guardian: "Most of us aren't going to wait for our men to move on all future decisions, so why leave it to them to start the ball rolling on this one? The best contribution we could make to the future of marriage this leap year would be to chuck sexist convention out of the window forever, and make any engagement that involves a man going down on one knee a thing of the past."

The Sun has a video of "duh" tips on how to ask your man to propose: Be sure he'll say yes by finding out how he feels about marriage; judge his character: "Some men may take proposal as the ultimate assault on their masculinity"; choose somewhere special; instead of a ring, give him a well-thought out gift; "be brave." All well and good in theory. But it's just one of those things! Even the most girl-power girl could find it romantic to see her man on one knee. Still. If we're modern women with partner-in-crime relationships built on equality, why shouldn't a woman do the proposing? Would you do it?


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