Lake of Fire, a documentary about abortion in America with incredibly graphic imagery, opens in NYC today. The film includes footage of a second trimester abortion, as well as detailed photographs of a blood-drenched woman who died after attempting a self-administered abortion. It's the inclusion of such horrific visuals from both sides of the abortion argument that, according to Manohla Dargis' review in the New York Times, makes the film "confused and confusing." So far, Lake of Fire โ€” directed by American History X's Tony Kaye โ€” has received mainly positive reviews... from men. But Ms. Dargis has some issues with it:

I wish there were more of those fully formed human beings in 'Lake of Fire,' which has an awful lot of men talking about what women should and should not do with their bodies.


And while abortion isn't exactly a picnic in the park (or as adorable as it's portrayed here), it's not always the horror-movie scene many would like us to believe.

Today, UK newspaper The Mirror posed the question, "How do you feel after having an abortion?" Of the four women interviewed, two stand by their decisions, one feels guilty after 11 years, and one girl totally regrets it. The only one who actually had deep emotional issues afterward was the one who made the mistake of looking at the second trimester fetus after it was removed.

When I had one of my abortions, I made sure I paid Planned Parenthood the extra $30 to knock me out so I wouldn't have to deal with the memories. But if I had seen blood, would it have changed my perception of my abortions, or abortions in general? Probably not. As an unmarried 22-year-old, I had abortions for "superficial reasons", as Elisabeth Hasselbeck so gracefully put it on this morning's episode of The View. Maybe like once every two years I do some quick math in my head and think about how old my kids would be if I had them (they would've been Irish twins). And then I immediately think about how happy I am that I don't have to chase around a four and five-year-old. My dog is hard enough to raise โ€” emotionally, and financially โ€” as it is.


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