Would Dan Rather Be Happier If Katie Couric Breastfed Her Male Colleagues?

  • Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather accuses his old network of "tarting up" its broadcast. And yes, he was referring to Katie Couric. [Yahoo]
  • Egypt has issued a fatwa declaring that unmarried men can work alongside women if the women breast-feed their colleagues five times "to establish family ties". Don't even ask us about the "urine" fatwa. [NYTimes]
  • In addition to making single Egyptian men happy, breast-feeding may also reduce sleep apnea among babies. [ABCNews]
  • Nuns: Not just for beating up on kids in Catholic school anymore! Apparently hundreds of our dear Sisters are submitting their bodies to medical researchers. [ABCNews]
  • Male chauvinist pigs: Caught on film! [Feministing]
  • Just what the world needs: More screaming kids! There's a boom in sextuplets and we're not happy. [CNN]

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