Worst. Tattoo. Ever.

Caption: A New York man has got this 'winning' Charlie Sheen tattoo - featuring the troubled actor's head attached to the body of a tiger. The man, as yet unidentified, was talking to his tattoo artist pal Mike Nomy about the star's recent exploits. When Mike, who works at South Shore Tattoo in Amityville, New York, suggested the design, the client jumped at the opportunity. Mike said: "We were talking about Charlie Sheen and kept repeating his catchphrases. I said that I had an awesome idea for a Sheen tattoo and he immediately said he wanted it. I thought it was so funny I did it for free." Mike said the tattoo, inked on his client's leg, took about two-and-a-half hours to complete. He added: "The guy went straight to a bar afterwards wearing shorts and he said he was the talk of the place. People were taking pictures of it all night. I've tattooed some strange things before but this is definitely the weirdest yet." The word 'Winning' appears at the bottom of the tattoo. Pictures Pictures courtesy of Mike Nomy.

(Image via Splash.)


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