Worst Of The Best: A List Of Lists

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'Tis the season for "best of" roundups, and along with the best clothes and movies and clips are some really...dubious lists. Herewith, some of the very worst of the best to pass through our long-suffering mailboxes:

-Thanks, Cityrag, for the Best Celebrity Cameltoes of 2009. There are some thing you want, some things you didn't know you wanted, and other things you didn't know you wanted and, when you're presented with them, in fact you don't. This list falls into that last category. (Oh, and spoiler alert: you seen one, you seen 'em all.)


-Vanity Fair asks "Who Is the Mistress of the Decade?" We're going with "greed." We're also going with: barrel-scraping. (And seriously? Jamie Jungers?)

-We've been over "sexy geeks" for a while now. Maybe the year's roundup was a natural for Wired, but, um, Zooey Deschanel isn't a "geek." Verdict: lame.


-Taking the prize for "most arbitrary," Foreign Policy's ranked "Best Years of the Decade."

-Daily Beast's "Divorces That Shaped the Decade" seriously overestimates the decade's malleability. Or did we miss the part where Christie Brinkley's split rocked our cultural assumptions to the core?

-And the flip side of the coin: the Insider's Celebrity Marriages That Survived the Decade.

...and, yes, I do realize that this is a meta third-generation scavenge of a top-list itself. What can I say: I'm a victim of the listicle decade - or at the very least, of its traumatic cameltoes, bitter D-list divorces and worst years (looking at you, '01).

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That "Best Years of the Decade" list may actually be my favorite Top Ten list I've seen so far, particularly since it comes with no explanation whatsoever.