It looks like an Ugg that mated with a leather legging, it's made by something called the Australia Luxe Collective, and it's $175 (on sale, eyeroll) at the Outnet right now.

The only pair left is my size! If it were a tenth the price, I'd probably buy it — you know, for science — because damn that is one ugly shoe. It's so ugly it makes Manolo Blahnik weep. It's so ugly all the other shoes probably shun it, late at night in the shoe store when all the shoes come alive and talk amongst themselves and have their tragic, thwarted little shoe love stories. It's so ugly it's fascinating. It's so ugly Umberto Eco wants to put it it in a book. It's so ugly it gives all Crocs in the vicinity an instant boost in self esteem. It's so ugly I feel honored, in a certain way, to have seen it.