Olive Riley, the "world's oldest blogger," passed away at the age of 108 on Saturday at a nursing home in New South Wales, Australia, according to CNN. Riley started her blog, The Life of Riley last year, at the suggestion of Mike Rubbo, an Australian journalist who made a documentary about Olive's life in 2004. Born in 1899, Ms. Riley's blog (her final entries are up at worldsoldestblogger.blogspot.com) chronicled her life experiences, including coming of age at the turn of the century and living through two world wars. On May 22, Olive wrote a post in response to boys and girls asking about her experience as a schoolgirl: "When kids reached 10 to 14 years of age, they went to tech, where they learnt a trade. I was supposed to become a dressmaker, but I couldn't sew. I hated sewing, and I still do." After the jump, a video of Ms. Riley singing a song called "Smile, Smile, Smile."

'World's Oldest Blogger' Dies At 108 [CNN]
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