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World's Con Artists: Yeah, We Know.

Illustration for article titled Worlds Con Artists: Yeah, We Know.

Says an MIT researcher: "People are more likely to identify a designer handbag as authentic if the individual carrying it wears expensive clothes or has a certain aura that says rich person." [Bloomberg]


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Every few months here in Chicago some young Mary Kay ladies try to recruit me into their organization, something to do with young urban professional women. Whenever they give me their sales pitch, they always insinuate that I would be rubbing shoulders with my peers "who make 6 figures" and have excellent connections. After a few times of this happen I noticed a trend; they hang out on Michigan ave. in a random Starbucks. They scope out girls who look "trendy", "fashionable" and "professional" and then break the ice by complimenting their target on some sort of trendy accessory they are wearing.

Now, I'm no slob, I'm actually pretty high maintenance and prissy on a day to day basis (spent my lunch hour sculpting my eyebrows), but I find it funny that every time they scope me out, I'm wearing my fancy office clothes (require for meetings with clients; normal office wear is business casual) and sporting my $50 Chinatown Dolce and Gabbana hand bag. They ALWAYS compliment my knock off purse, I wonder if they actually think its a real D&G hand bag, considering I'm dressed the part on account of my fancy office clothes (courtesy of Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Kohl's).

lol oh well. My mom always told me to look rich, even if I'm dirt poor.