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E’Dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, Fatally Stabbed

Illustration for article titled E’Dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, Fatally Stabbed

Very sad news. E’Dena Hines, the step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, was stabbed to death in New York City. Police officers found Hines lying in the street outside of her home with multiple stab wounds to her torso, reports People. Hines is the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw.


“The world will never know her artistry in talent, and how much she had to offer,” Freeman said in a statement to People. “Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace.” A 30-year-old man who was present at the scene was taken into custody and brought to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Hines was an actor and writer who studied at New York University’s Graduate Acting Program. She was 33 years old.


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