World Premiere Of Britney's New Video "Circus"

Are you guys ready for Britney's "comeback?" This is, I believe, her third one. The first one was 2 years ago when she first dumped Kevin Federline, got a makeover, and everyone thought everything was gonna get so much better after ditching her loser husband. A few months later, she ran around in public in a thong, shaved her head and entered rehab. The next comeback was at the 2007 VMAs. We all know how that went. This latest comeback is the orchestration of her rehired manager Larry Rudolph, and centers around the release of her 6th studio album Circus. It's supposed to be a return to form, or at least a return to being able to watch her without wanting to cringe. This evening, the video for the title track premiered on Entertainment Tonight, the same program that gleefully exploited her breakdown. So is third time a charm for Brit? Clip above.


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Bums me out that she had to use live elephants in the production, they could have gone a different direction, as real circuses are doing now. It's cruel to elephants, tigers and other exotic animals to make them perform for us, as it goes against everything in their nature. Sad.

However, I do think that Britney as a brand is doing better. This is a smart comeback for her that plays to her (limited) strengths.