So the totes hot Jew-hating nukeloving nutso president of Iran spoke at Columbia yesterday, and in the morning's papers there were a few camps of reaction: the ha ha ha, what a deluded tool camp, the EVIL MADMAN LIVESTRONG NEVER FORGET camp, and the "when he wasn't denying the existence of gays or babbling on about the centuries of brotherhood his nation has shared with that country that uh only 20 years back was dumping mustard gas on its ass he actually had some interesting things to say that provided a glimpse into his widespread appeal in the Third World camp. The cool thing about this country is that all three of those camps get to sound off on news channels and blogs and morning papers!

Which is why I found Lee Bollinger's heartfelt, powerful and 100% accurate introduction to be gratuitous. Hate feeds hate; always has. But at the end of the day, it's a small and stupid emotion borne of ignorance and insecurity and oh yeah being really poor. Taken on its own, Ahmadinejad's speech was just so fucking stupid and crazy and small and sad that its power was actually diminished by Bollinger's fiery intro.