Working Moms Still Getting The Shaft

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Conservatives who like to blame the wage gap on women's choices should know: working mothers are 100% less likely to be hired than childless candidates, and get offered $11,000 less a year when they are. Some "choices." [Business Week]


Stacy Davis

I'm on the other side of this argument. I'm 32, single, no children. We have three men in the office who have families and are forever taking time off for plays, doctor visits, and my favorite "I'm going to leave early on Friday so I can spend time with my kids".

Don't get me wrong, it's great to see the Dad's take an active roll but I don't get to take half a day on friday so I can spend some quality time up hiking in the mountains. The playing field should be level. We all have people we'd rather be spending time with than working. Why should I be punished because I decided not to have children?