Working For A Female Boss Can Be A Real Bitch

A new study by Scott Schieman and Taralyn McMullen in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reports that women who work for female bosses report more psychological and physical distress than women who work for men*. As one of the writers here at Jezebel, helmed by one incredibly bitchy female named Anna, I would tend to agree.I mean, really, Anna never lets me write anything I want to. It's all, write about Sarah Palin! Blog about women in the workplace! Don't be so ranty! What if I want to write about shoes? Or sex? She's all, whatever, our readers want to hear about things that will affect their lives and not just your clitoris again. She's, like, this horrible, censoring taskmaster who never lets us say what we really want to say because it's totally her blog and she's, like, really really mean. I thought when I came here after getting shitcanned from my last blogging job by an asshole guy that Anna would be so much better, but noooooo. She's always, like, changing my headlines to make them funnier or correcting my typos or telling me to take time off to deal with problems in my family or because I am so sick I'm blogging from the bathroom floor in between bouts of vomiting. I expected her to, like, hold my hand and braid my hair and post every single thing I write as soon as I write it without editing it and blow rainbows and sunshine up my ass because I'm a girl and I demand positive feedback and and maternal care. Anyway, so I can totally relate to the authors' hypothesis that the reason that women have problems with women supervisors more often than male ones is because female employees have difference expectations of their female supervisors than their male ones. Like, I am totally expecting Anna to buy me a drink tonight whereas my last boss (a dude) only ever talked to me on the phone once (in order to fire me) and is probably too cheap a bastard to buy me a proper drink anyway. Anyway, I'll stop now since I know Anna's going to completely rewrite the shit out of this anyway... and probably won't even fucking post it. Everyone knows I long for the halcyon days of the 2 weeks I worked for Ken Layne before he unceremoniously fired me for not being funny enough!

*Oh, and I am also totally sure that the fact that this is a 2005 phone survey that doesn't control for occupational types (and thus stress levels within professions) has nothing to do with the results, and neither does using a one-night, one-call, perceptional basis for the stress level indication. I mean, I'm completely sure they called everyone on the same night of the week and at the same time, since they controlled for occupation and all and a person's stress levels on one night when asked about their boss would be totally the same the next night.


Boss' Gender Can Affect Workers' Stress [Live Science]

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