For those of us raised on the Neighborhood of Make Believe, PBS's recent decision to cut Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from its weekday syndication after 40 years (airing it a mere once a week!) is heart-breaking. Brian Linder has taken action, launching He was motivated, he says, "Not because of my own nostalgic feelings for the program, but because I feel it is still such a special nurturing voice in the lives of children." While Mister Rogers may lack bells and whistles, it was a show that treated children with sensitivity and respect. Says Linder, "It was Mister Rogers who taught me how to begin to deal with my feelings. I think he taught my parents a lot, too. I know I'm still learning from him." And anyone who wants to learn a new appreciation for the earnest man in the cardigan should check out the video of Fred speaking on behalf of PBS before the senate. It's truly awe-inspiring. Some gratitude, PBS! [Paste]


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