Wonder Woman Trailer Released

With the successes of the Spiderman trilogy and the new Batman films, comic book movies are being taken very seriously now, much to the delight of some of us geeks. But there's been a lack of big-budget female superhero movies (we're not counting that piece of crap Elektra). It would make sense that a Wonder Woman movie be made, and it was in the works for a while, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon set to pen the script. But Whedon departed from the project because there was no female lead ever attached to the film. The closest thing we have right now is this straight-to-DVD animated movie, which comes out January 2009, with Kerri Russell providing the voice for Wonder Woman. Trailer above.


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In spite of my love of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and the Serenity movie, Joss Whedon should never be connected to anything that entails him writing a female character ever again. He writes the same chicks over and over and over and not well. His ideas are killer, his delivery...meh. It's okay, Joss. I'll help you. Pay no mind to my husband, who will probably be humping your leg the whole time we are in meetings.

@PilgrimSoul: So... rather than try to improve upon a flaw in the medium, we should just... irnogre it? I agree that there's tons of sexism pervasive throughout comics, past and present, but there's tons of sexism pervasive in the fine arts as well. Why ignore a viable form?