Women's Magazines Short on Body Fat, Long On Good Eatin'

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Women's service magazines aren't just about underweight and underfed models. Glamour Magazine has been ranked towards the top of a list of magazines with sound nutritional information by the American Council on Science and Health, according to MediaPost. Even Ladies' Home Journal, Redbook, Shape, and Self got relatively good scores in the AMSC's "Nutrition Accuracy in Popular Magazines" survey.


Unfortunately, Cosmo didn't fare so well: The how-to-please-your-man bible earned "a mediocre 'fair' ranking", says MediaPost. Surprising? Not really. Eating has never been part of Cosmo-founder Helen Gurley Brown's strategy on how to keep a man. Could be one of those "Harmless Habits That Turns Men Off To You".

Bon Appetit: LHJ, Consumer Reports Score In Nutritional Survey [MediaPost]

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