Women's Libbers: Not So Groovy, Man!

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  • Are the women behind now-shuttered feminist radio station Green Stone Media big ol' hypocrites? Former staffers say that Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda are refusing to pay severance and wouldn't file for bankruptcy because they were too embarrassed. The bigger news is that the NY Post is still using a retro term like "women's libber". Um, what's next, "feminazi"? [NY Post]
  • A man who raped a 15-year old girl in his sleep was cleared of all charges. Apparently, his girlfriend's testimony that he sometimes fondles her while he's fast asleep (an affliction called "sexsomnia" — cute!) sealed the deal for the jury. Well, at least we know that when some concerned citizen sleepwalks into this guy's apartment at 4am and hatchets him to death, there will be an airtight defense. [Daily Telegraph]
  • A 9-year old girl isn't allowed to fish, hike, and camp at a boy's only camp in the UK. She'd better quit crying, though, because her alternative summer activity is the Glamorous Girls program and everyone knows it's super hard to adhere false eyelashes to tears of rejection. [Globe And Mail]
  • Big corporations like Price Waterhouse are apparently being more generous with female executives who take time off to raise children, assisting them in transitioning back into the workforce. Crappy companies will still fire your butt if you're not back on the fry station a week after your water breaks. [CNN]
  • Gardasil only is appropriate for women up to age 26, but a new vaccine called Cervarix has arrived for women aged 27-45. The effectiveness is not yet known, but...yawn...we're kind of tired of hearing about our cervix, honestly. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • A US medical panel wants the recommended pregnancy weight gain guidelines reexamined and altered to reflect the country's obesity epidemic, saying that overweight moms should gain less during pregnancy than people with healthy weights. Way to take the fun out of being pregnant! [MSNBC]
  • Feministing cites a new poll indicating that one out of five women are deciding against having children because of the high cost of childcare. The Duggars, meanwhile, are doing it on their behalf. [Feministing]



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