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Nylon may be safe, but according to a breakdown of ad page performance that mediabistro.com just posted (from WWD), things are scary indeed in the world of fashion magazines. In the third quarter, the industry saw a 10% decline as categories like pharmaceutical and beauty slashed their ad budgets. Some of the hardest hit are Vanity Fair (down 15.3% since last year - approximately 84 ad pages), W, Glamour and Essence, with even stalwarts like Vogue dangerously diminished (9.6%.) Bucking the trend is Elle, which, Stylista notwithstanding, had an increase in ad sales. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone — we may mock the ladymags, but we hate to see people lose jobs. [mediabistro]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

At least this depression is finally encouraging our obese ladymags to shed some pounds and inches. While it may require sacrifice now, the result will be much fewer magizine medical problems down the road and a healthier, newsstand.