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If it didn't already suck that health insurance companies charge us all more for the privilege of having uteri, it turns out that most of us don't even have the money to properly insure them.


A new study by the Commonwealth Fund finds that 70 percent of American women — 64 million, to be exact — are either un- or underinsured. And even those that have insurance are worried about the cost.

The study, "Women at Risk: Why Many Women Are Forgoing Needed Health Care," also says 52 percent of working-age women say they have problems accessing needed healthcare because of cost, compared to 39 percent of men who said so.


Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis says that the recession and unemployment have likely made the situation for women worse since the report was initially completed, and makes it clear that health care reform is increasingly necessary. She adds.

"This study underscores the need for affordable universal health coverage and protection against catastrophic financial losses not only for women — who are more likely to be at risk for high premiums and medical bills — but for all Americans."

Health insurance companies, meeting with Barack Obama today, have in response offered to raise premiums by 1.5 percent less than they normally have each year. For me, this means I can expect my premium to rise by 13.5% rather than 15% next year, which should save me $33 next year. That doesn't really sound like change I can believe in.


Many U.S. Women Short On Health Insurance [UPI]

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I have been very fortunate to have good insurance. However, the doctors have at various times recommended colonoscopy, MRI of knee, etc. and I have never taken them up on it b/c it will still mean I'll owe $1000s out of pocket even after my deductible is met. Plus, today I asked about prenatal care and it would be an extra $50/month tacked onto my $425/mo rate. WTF? I am perfectly healthy, don't smoke, don't do shit.

My parents had to file bankruptcy and lose their home, cars, furniture... everything when my dad broke his back in four places. They ended up living in a travel trailer at a state park. They are fucked. However, my dad was in Canada on a long haul when he hurt his knee. He went to the hospital, got MRI, etc. and it was all covered, even though he is a US citizen.