Women Who Cheat on (or With) Soldiers Get Viciously Outed on Facebook

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Appearing on Maury to expose a cheating ex is so 20th century. Now, spurned lovers — or anyone with a grudge — can go online to post photos and otherwise cyberbully people they claim have done them wrong. Nearly 15,000 people are fans of the Facebook group "Make Them Famous for Military Exes," which seeks to expose people who have cheated on military spouses while they were deployed. The dozens of gleeful comments accompanying each photo — which are almost all of young women — about "ugly sluts who will fuck anyone who has a dick" will make you wish Jerry Springer would intervene.


The anonymous moderator behind "Make Them Famous for Military Exes" asks for photos of both men and women to be sent to makeherfamous2012@gmail.com, but the vast majority of photos are of women — often called "tag chasers" — and the point is almost always to comment on how ugly and slutty they are. It's easy to see why commenters would sympathize with many of the storytellers after reading anecdotes like, "She fucked her boss while I was at Yakima Training Center for a few weeks. She then drained our account and took the dog. She didn't even like the dog! I did eventually get him back though," but no one seems to realize that it's impossible to know whether anyone is telling the truth. Are at least a few of the people "outed" on the site cheaters? Almost certainly. Does that mean they deserve to be harassed by hundreds of strangers on Facebook? No. Especially given that we don't know the whole story.

The moderator occasionally posts photos of men, and says he doesn't "want to hear anything about sexism and so forth" because he doesn't discriminate, but it's obvious that the site is focused on shaming "whores," not cheaters in general. Both men and women send in photos of "tag chasers," even if both people involved were clearly at fault. Some examples:

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This bitch is an ankle, that's lower than a cunt. My man was in the army. He went thru some shit in Iraq. I have been there for him every minute since we've been together for almost 2 years. This homewrecking whore dated him and drove him away with her immature BS. She is still pursuing him even tho we just had a baby in March. She will text him i been thinking about you blah blah blah... I know it takes two to tango but damn you admitted you were a college slut and he wasn't any good in bed when he told you to back off. Way to build your character

This girl sleeps around with any military man she can, knows the guy is married, lies about everything!!

This girl dated a married man for 8 months (and continuing) while he was deployed and had a pregnant wife waiting for him. They both had plans for the husband to ditch his wife and daughter to live with her. The husbands family was well aware of her tactics and what was occurring behind

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This little gold digging slut will fuck with a war torn soldier, cheat on him, mess with his head, steal his money, and then file for divorce while hes off serving his country... all guys looking for a baby mama, shes got TWO you can pay child support for the rest of your life!"

[She] had a affair with a married man and nearly destroyed his marriage. She is a home wrecker and needs to be exposed and the slut is married to. Frankly, She needs to be held responsible...If the WHORE has any common sense and morals she will leave him alone. So sad, feel sorry for her husband who she keep on cheat. This WHORE is such a LOW LIFE. WOMEN LIKE THAT WILL GET THEIRS….maybe not on earth but they will get what is coming to them for their disgusting ways

Bored? Need a girl? Hate having money? Look no motherfuckin further. This slut, for a small payment consisting of your whole paycheck can be yours!!! But watch out, this slut will date up to 5 guys at once with no problems. Do you really want to please her but you dont have the money? Its too easy! Just simply give her some pills and she will be yours forever! Hahahaha... whooooaaaaa, take those pills slowly, Christina or youll be in the hospital gettin

Comments range from the "I'll fuck her and then fuck her up" variety ("awesome deal always liked them as a slut and a pill popper hit me up sweetheart I know just your medication it's called a T10 at about 1,200 feet and a push out the door" to body critiques ("wtf is wrong with her boobs???" "Another one the titty fairy passed by...") to general lamenting about how all women are sluts. ("why does it seem more and more women are becoming whores....")

Occasionally, a storyteller will unintentionally disclose that his story is more complicated than "she's a lying slut":

We broke up about 15 months go after she told me that I can not come home for R&R (i was on my 2nd deployment) because I am mentally fucked up and too dangerous to trust me around her dogs.

She was kinda correct, I was mentally fucked up because my best friend who was my teammate and battle buddy killed himself in iraq right next to me in the MRAP. Also another big point for our down fall is that she did not want to have anything to do with kids, have one, adopt one or even raise one.

Instead this cunt supporting me and standing by my side, she gave me all the drama that could be given and we broke up (I couldn't take it anymore).

Come to find out 38 days to the dot after we broke up that her EX husband moved in (he is dishonorably discharged from USMC, unemployed and single dad) with his ADOPTED 2 years old daughter that she is raising now for him.

Please let me give you a bit more insight: this guy (James) he put her in the ER twice, one time broke her nose, her jaw and tore her cheek from inside so bad that it took 14 stitches, 2nd time he dislocated her elbow and broke 2 ribs I never ever even called her names, but looks like some bitched need to be slapped around to be reminded who is the boss


Should these types of horrific situations really be parsed via Facebook photo comments? One woman who's inspired a particular amount of ire within "Make Them Famous for Military Exes" for dating numerous marines — she even has a photo album specifically devoted to her exploits — doesn't think so. "You know what's truly wrong with people some days, is that you all believe something that's been posted on the internet," she wrote, calling herself a victim of cyberbullying. "bahahaha cyber bullying," one commenter responded. "I would punch her in her fugly face just for that bullshit post!!"

In the court of Facebook, you're guilty as soon as soon as someone uploads your photo — especially if you're a woman.


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Katie J.M. Baker

Re: how many more photos there are of women than of men — it's clearly not bias on behalf of the moderator (I don't think he's withholding photos of men), but illustrative of how both men and women rush to shame women before shaming men. Do you think it's because fewer women deal with betrayal by wanting to shame the person that hurt them? Is it a pride thing?