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Women Who Bleed More Likely To Wear Dark Colors

Illustration for article titled Women Who Bleed More Likely To Wear Dark Colors

There's a new pill that will end your period forever! Goodness we hate that smelly blood.

In a presentation by Lybrel's maker, Wyeth, to investors and analysts last October, Dr. Ginger D. Constantine, the company's therapeutic director for women's health, laid the groundwork. Citing company-backed studies, she reported that menstruating women feel less effective at work and take more sick days. Not only that, but they don't exercise and they wear dark clothes more often, she said.


God, don't you just wish all women were marathon-running workaholics who never took sick days and possesed the confidence to wear bright colors all the time? It's really too bad all those MBAs are destined to die out.
Final Period [NY Times]

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I remember NASA did a study on astronauts and it determined that the female astronauts who were menstruating did lower their that of male astronauts.