Women War Protestors Appreciate A Pretty Mugshot

We here are Jezebel are all for civil disobedience. Question Authority! Fight The Power! Napalm In the Morning! Yeah, anyway, we finally got around to reading a pretty fascinating article in the Washington Post from Sunday about the women behind Code Pink, a group of women who have set up shop in the nation's capital and regularly accost the worst of Washington with anti-war protests and disruptions at Congressional hearings... all carried out while clad in a "vivid hue" of Barbie-doll pink. Some of the women involved in Code Pink are hippies, to be sure (we love hippies!) but, as can probably be expected from a group whose entire aesthetic revolves around a color favored by Paris Hilton, there are some more image-obsessed ladies to be found on anti-war frontlines. Like Ann Wright!

Although Ann is concerned enough about the American justice system to wear an "orange Guantanamo detainee-style jumpsuit" with the words "GONZALES, A" into Capitol Hill's Dirksen Building, the retired Army colonel still cares what she looks like when she gets thrown out of the building, dammit!

The "security guard who takes the pictures, he's really nice," says Wright, who says she, too, was banned from the building after a Hillary Clinton event. "If the picture isn't very good or if you don't have your peace symbol right, he lets you take it over again."


Capitol security guards.... so nice! Plus, when they round up all the anti-war protestors and toss them in the paddy wagons? They let the women go first!

Protesting For Peace With A Vivid Hue And Cry [WashingtonPost]

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